FAQ frequently asked questions

FAQ Payments

·         Q. I made the bank transfer yesterday, but today I notice that the shipment has not yet started, why?

R. Normally the bank transfer takes two or three days to arrive on our account, as soon as our bank will give us confirmation of receipt of your payment, we will mark the order as “Paid” and proceed to its preparation and shipment.

·         Q. I don’t have a Paypal account, how much costs it? What should I do? What documents are required?

R. Paypal offers a free service to private users, you just have to go to www.paypal.com and follow the procedure to create an online account and then associate your favorite credit card. It will only take a few minutes of your time, you won’t have any charges and you can use the account on millions of online sites safely.

·         Q. I used a friend’s paypal account to pay, but put my credit card in. I would like to make a return, why did the refund go to my friend and not to my credit card?

R. The refund can only be made to the Paypal account holder. We recommend opening your own account.

·         Q. Can I use a friend’s Paypal account to send gifts to a third person?

        R. Do not use a Paypal account that is not yours, the owner of the account used for payment and            the shipping / billing address must match. Read the terms and conditions of use on the Paypal site.

Delivery FAQ

·         Q. It’s been three days already and I still haven’t received my package, when will it arrive?

R. For deliveries, we use the Colissimo service of the French Post, deliveries are generally made within two working days on almost all of French territory, for Europe can take three to fifteen working days and for the rest of the world a few days more. A delay may occurs due to Force majeure that delays the shipment, in which case you will find all the details on the site of the tracking https://www.laposte.fr/ .

·         Q. The package arrived damaged, I am afraid that some of the contents are maybe lost or damaged, what do I do?

R. We are very sorry for the inconvenience; it is sporadic but sometimes delivery accidents happen. The best solution is to refuse the package and wait for the new replacement package to be sent. If you have already collected the package, then take all the photos of the package and send us an e-mail with a detailed and comprehensive report. You will be contacted as soon as possible to agree on a quick and easy solution.

·         Q. I received the wrong package/product, how is this possible?

R. It should not happen, notify us by email explaining the incident and you will be contacted shortly to resolve the misunderstanding at no cost to you.

·         Q. I received the message/email saying I have to pay extra for delivery due to an unspecified reason

R. This could be a scam, please do nothing. You’ve already paid for your order and don’t owe anyone anything! Please wait for your purchase with confidence and ignore any payment requests that do not come directly from the site or the company. If there really is a problem, we will contact you.

FAQ Products

·         Q. Are the products for sale tested on animals?

R. NO. Testing makeup, creams, soaps and perfumes on animals has been prohibited in the EU since 2004. Since 2009, tests on substances in cosmetic products have also been banned.

Since 2009 it has also been forbidden to sell any type of cosmetic product that has been tested on animals (perhaps produced outside Europe).

Until 2013 there were still a few exceptions that allowed testing for more complex human health effects, but since 2015 testing and sale of products tested on animals are totally banned in the European Union.

Europe is the world’s largest market for cosmetics. Two million people are engaged in the cosmetics industry in Europe. European consumers use at least seven different products every day: shampoos, creams, make-up… European rules ensure that products that come into contact with our skin are not harmful to health. (Cit. European Parliament)

·         Q Do the products for sale contain components of animal origin?

R. Some pigments, even today, are only available from the shells of certain molluscs. In agreement with the manufacturer we are looking for alternative solutions to replace as much as possible the few ingredients of animal origin with the synthetic or vegetable equivalent. If you want to be sure and on the information sheet of the article it is not specified, please contact us: as soon as we have a positive or negative confirmation from the producer, we will answer you.

·         Q. Are the products for sale manufactured respecting the rights of workers and minors?

R. YES! The articles, which are manufactured in the European Community, are produced in respect of working conditions and we are against any exploitation.

FAQ Orders

·         Q. Are all products available?

R. Usually yes, in case of a stock shortage we will contact you to choose whether to replace the missing item with one of higher quality or similar, in case it is not available you will get a full or partial refund.

·         Q. I placed my order yesterday, it hasn’t shipped yet and I would like to cancel it, how do I do that?

R. If it has not yet shipped, simply notify us promptly and we will immediately cancel your order and issue a refund.

·         Q. I would like to cancel my order, but it has been shipped, how do I do that?

R. We will try to cancel the delivery and as soon as we get the package back we will refund the products, keeping only the shipping costs.

·         Q. Can I order a product for a friend and have it delivered directly to their home?

R. This is a classic example of a gift package. Add your friend’s information as the delivery address and we will ship the item directly to them.

·         Q. I was offered a gift certificate for your site, can I request a refund?

R. Discount codes, vouchers or gift certificates do not entitle you to a refund, the only person who can ask for a refund is the person who bought the voucher to offer it to you. We will evaluate each situation to find a legal solution.

FAQ Warranty

·         Q. The item I returned for a warranty defect no longer exists, what do I do?

R. An equivalent or better item will be proposed, in case of no agreement you will be refunded the cost of the item purchased, excluding any shipping charges.

·         Q. I want to change the item to a different one, can I?

R. Usually the warranty exchanges provide for the exchange with an identical product, we will evaluate the case and see if it will be possible to exchange and if there will be any additional charges.

·         Q. I broke the product, can I repair it?

R. The warranty covers only factory defects and not accidental ones, if it is possible we will send you the coordinates of the service center to which we will send the product for repair. Before any repair we will provide you with an estimate that you must approve.

·         Q. My item was on sale or was a part of a package containing several items, do I have to return them all?

R. Usually not, any promotions or kits that include several items have separate warranties. We will give you further clarification on a case-by-case basis.

FAQs on Right to retract, Returns

·         Q. I have only used the makeup product once and don’t like the color, scent or texture, what address should I return it to?

R. The return for reconsideration is valid only for intact items, not for those used even if only once. Some items cannot be replaced for obvious hygienic/sanitary reasons. Contact us, we will look for an alternative solution.

·         Q. I made a mistake buying an item for a relative who wanted a different color, can I change it?

R. You do not need to specify the reason, if the product is undamaged, just contact us within 14 days notifying us of your intention to return the item for reconsideration.

·         Q. The shipping charges to send you the item back are greater than the cost of the item, can you replace it without returning the product?

R. Sorry, the replacement or refund only takes place after we have physically received the product.