4-in-1 Sculpting palette

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The versatile 4-in-1 Sculpt & Shine Palette contains a blush, sculptor and 2 shades of highlighter.

Due to their dry consistencies, their densities can be changed and making the complexion will take minimal time.

Pleasant on the skin, your complexion remains perfect throughout the day.

Due to the large package size, it replaces 4 normal size products.

Weight 0.012 kg

Tips for use

Use a soft brush for application. On the back of the palette, you will find instructions for applying the shades correctly! Don’t forget this is a versatile four products palette, you’ll sculpt, blush, highlight and easily apply eye makeup in a range of natural shades! Everything you need to highlight your natural beauty.

The universal shade of Soft Brown contour powder creates a natural color on the skin, without gray tones or yellowness. To accentuate the cheekbones area, correct the bridge and sides of the nose, darken the contours of the face and forehead at the hairline.

A matte blush in a delicate peach shade will make your face look fresh and rested. Apply it on the cheekbones and gently blend with the brush.

The Nacré clair highlighter subtly highlights the high points of the face. Apply it to the bridge of the nose, the contour of the upper lip and the area under the eyebrows.

The darker Sunny Highlighter is great for defining cheekbones and can also be used as a shimmery eye shadow.



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